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The Sonargaon, the ancient capital of Bengal. It carries the signature of this satyerao – etadbaancala the Whole in the first ilame Hadith darasa this sonaragamya. It taoyama out hundreds of Christian and his disciple saraphuddina iyahiya muniri at sonaragamye ilame nababira education was introduced. Whorl deleted sonaragamyera the golden heritage of today’s morning again in spring. The first class of the daoraye Hadith has launched a series of educational ACTIVITY ‘jamia ulukandi.
Oyasalallama Prophet Muhammad – Allah’s leave dbinake Ages when the world is in the thousands – millions each patient all the labor. Cakrante evil descending under the fall prantasalaya katabhabe many people continue to try to restore to them the way of Allah, especially when religious studies apasanskrtira bad – effect, Shirk – bidaatera sayalabe submerged in a large part of the nation – only religion – religion inspired to protect and ilame – sunnate nababi peace Muhammad œ sayate sallamake hope they cherish: Muslim hakkani alema, making them great khadema manase august 1970, the area was the ancient capital of sonaragamyera ajapara village ulukandi intense public pracastoya called the ‘jamia arabiya Ashraful uluma ulukandi.
The ilame be inspired madina Baghdad, kupha, samarakanda, Bokhara has become upamahadesake alokajjala, the ilame ohirai one of the best bidyapitha Dar uluma deobandera silasilabhukta people sunnata wall jamaatera a larger model based on this jamia ulukandi dbini educational institutions.
Aims and Objectives
1. Ilame Muslim, etc and widely spread through word Allah and the Prophet (pbuh)’s sunnatera the full establishment of the constitutional, lima and tarabiyatera were created through hakkani alema: tarabiyyata and training appropriate to the country and the nation khedamatera structure.
The. Proper implementation of jaaatera akayede ahalus sunnata wall.
3. Millatera Muslim faith – and dbine akbida nastikyatabada the contrary, apasanskrti, Shirk – bidaata etc. mukabela be constitutional, we bill our ‘roof – nahi anila Munkar through the activation of isalahi – established policy.
4. All in all a mighty God and His Favorite Habib satisfaction is priority.